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Curb That Hunger!

Curb That Hunger!


Curb that hunger ...

Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day helps to curb your hunger between meals.

The more active we become, the less time we have to think about food. And when you're more active, you can afford a few more calories!

Never skip meals - eat regular meals - keep a low cal fill me up on hand for those tempting moments - carrot sticks, celery or a  selection of fresh fruit.

Why exercise is vital:  It could save your life ...

Exercise is physical activity performed to maintain fitness and health. Exercise consists of cardio and strength training. Cardio, or aerobic exercise, may involve activities such as running or biking but can also include dancing or simply walking. Strength training, or anaerobic exercise, includes weight lifting and push-ups.

There is no doubt about the many health benefits of exercise among women. Even modest levels of exercise have shown a dramatic ability to improve cardiovascular health among women. There is no complicated formula to follow and no single exercise program that is clearly better than all the others. Exercise can be structured ( class, regular workouts at a gym) or it can be unstructured (e.g., gardening, walking pets, dancing). Even small steps, such as taking the stairs instead of an esculator or lift, can contribute to a more healthy heart. The most important aspect of exercise is consistency rather than intensity.

Post-menopausal women who exercise just once a week could significantly reduce their risk of early death. Women who exercise more regularly may decrease their risk even further. This is because of the decrease in estrogen after menopause, which tends to increase the presence of certain risk factors for heart disease, such as high cholesterol. Exercise can help regulate estrogen levels and help control cholesterol levels.

Women who walk at a moderate pace for just three hours every week could cut their risk of both stroke and heart attack by about a third. This is an important finding because walking is the top choice of exercise for women.

* see our section on why exercise for more information on this topic.