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Fad Diets!!

Fad Diets!!

About Fad Diets? 

The term "fad diets" typically refers to diets that promote a restricted eating-plan which is unhealthy and/or lacking in sufficient calories. Certain liquid-only diets (fasts) are promoted as healthful diets but in reality are merely fad diets. Common examples of fad diets include, the Cabbage Soup Diet and the Grapefruit Diet.
Fad diets are usually short-term diet plans. Not only are they low in calories but their menus are likely to be restrictive and lacking in adequate nutrition - if any nutrition. Some fad diets are designed to last no more than a few days - wouldn’t it be great if a 2 or 3 day diet program is likely to help solve a weight problem!!

The question is do they work? Any very-low-calorie diet will cause weight loss in most people. Since most fad diets are very low in calories they typically cause quite fast weight loss. However, quick weight loss may not be healthy and - in most cases - is not fat loss. It is usually mostly water-loss which is quickly regained when the dieter resumes normal eating.

Fad diets can lead to weight yo yo cycle!

Fad dieting can often lead to weight-cycling or yo-yo dieting - that is, weight loss, followed by regain, followed by weight loss then regain etc. New research suggests that such weight cycling may lead to obesity in the long term. 
Our Conclusion: Avoid Fad Diets Totally...

Avoid fad diets and fad dieting. Instead, eat a balanced diet that includes foods from ALL  the food groups. Eating a balanced calorie-controlled diet is not only more appealing but also more likely to help you develop the sort of good eating habits that lead to permanent weight loss. Fad diets lead to a complete loss of interest often due to the severe nature of many of them.