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Helping people reach their fitness and weight loss goals for over 30 years we know how to make it happen!! My name is Michelle Phillips, I started Weightwise 32 years ago when I weighed 14 stone 3 pounds (size 18)

I was very unsure of my ability to lose my weight but ten months later I had succeeded my aim and achieved my goal weight of 10 stone (size 12). I know how hard it is to want to shed the unwanted weight but I also know how much better I felt with not only a boost to my confidence level but my health improved greatly and now I help others achieve their aim! Why put off, at Weightwise you will find a really friendly and relaxed atmosphere, encouragement and support from our trained advisers to help you succeed

Exercise & Healthy Eating Advice:

At Weightwise we understand that changes to diet alone is not all it takes to feel real lasting benefits from a new eating plan, we suggest that all our clients stay active even a brisk walk can greatly improve your daily physical and mental health. If you want to learn more about the overall benefits of exercise on your health ask our staff. We will be doing a series of videos and newsletters throughout the year outlining a range of health topics so why not join our Facebook group to be included.

Michelle Phillips:

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