Dining out does not need to ruin your diet!

We all know how much we cringe at the thought of combining dieting with eating out or buying fast food when we are just too busy to have prepared something that day. Stop... think it doesn't have to be bad! We have compiled a useful list of common foods to help you, their is always something that is healthy or less unhealthy so don't worry.

Buffet Foods:

Bread Stick - 27 cals ,  0.6g fat,  Chicken Satay per stick - 25 cals , 1.5g fat, Salsa Dip per 1 tbsp - 12 cals,  0g fat, Breaded Prawn - 35 cals, 2g fat .

Greek Cuisine:

Baked Fish with Tomato and Garlic - 300 cals, 1g fat, lamb and pepper Kebabs - 320 cals 7g fat

Burger King:

Kids Cheesburger - 328 cals, 14g fat, Hamburger - 290 cals, 10.8g fat,  BK Chicken Flamer - 308 cals, 11.8g fat,  Kids Veggie Burger - 359 cals,  11.1g fat, king fries (SML) - 259 cals, 10.2g fat, Regular Onion Rings - 261 cals, 12.5g fat.

Fish & Chips:

Small Chips - 239 cals - 12.4g fat, Cod, fried in batter, small 296 cals - 18.5g fat, Haddock, fried in batter, small - 278 cals, 17.8g fat, Fish Cake, fried - 109 cals, 6.7g fat


Paella - 220 cals, 6g fat, Tortilla (spanish omelette) - 240 cals, 14g fat, Pork Kebab - 215 cals, 5.6g fat, Shrimps, boiled, per portion - 59 cals. 1.2g fat, Stuffed Peppers with rice, per half pepper -149 cals, 1.9g fat

Italian Cuisine:

Cannelloni, meat - 300 cals, 16g fat, Spaghetti Napoletana - 400 cals, 8g fat, Chicken with Tomato and Peppers - 430 cals, 14g fat

Indian Cuisine:

Tandoori Chicken, per portion, - 300 cals, 8g fat, Vegetable Curry - 350 cals, 24g fat, Bbombay Aloo - 380 cals, 13g fat, rice, plain, boiled, per 1 tbsp - 40 cals, 0g fat

Pizza Hut:

Pasta dish, per portion - Spicy Chicken Bake - 449 cals, 12.4g fat, (pizzas, per slice) The Meaty, The Edge - 206 cals, 11.6g fat, The Veggie, The Edge - 136 cals, 5.6g fat, The Works, The Edge -161 cals, 8g fat, 12 Garlic Mushrooms - 215 cals, 11.1g fat.

Chinese Foods:

Boiled Rice per 1 tbsp - 55 cals , 0.5g fat,  Beef in Oyster Sauce -340 cals, 8g fat, Beef in Yellow Bean Sauce - 360 cals, 10g fat, Chicken in Lemon Sauce - 300 cals, 12g fat,  Chicken Chop Suey – 425 cals,  12g fat, Lemon Chicken, per 100g - 155 cals,  6.1g fat.


Cheeseburger - 299 cals, 11.5g fat, Chicken McNugget x 4 - 167 cals, 9.7g fat, French Fries, regular - 206 cals, 9g fat, Hamburger - 253 cals, 7.7g fat, McChicken sandwich - 375 cals, 17.2g fat, Hash Brown - 138 cals, 7.7g fat

Pub Food:

Jacket Potato with tuna and sweetcorn mayo - 450 cals, 9g fat, Jacket Potato with baked beans - 409 cals, g fat, Vegetable Lasagne and Salad - 275 cals, 10g fat, Chilli Con Carne with rice - 350 cals, 21g fat

French Cuisine:

Moules Mariniere - 340 cals, 13g fat, Trout, grilled - 209 cals, 8.4g fat, Chicken Chasseur -203 cals, 4.9g fat


Chicken Skewer - 160 cals, 2g fat, Lamb Skewer -215 cals, 14.5g fat, Pitta Bread, small -200 cals, 0.9g.

Tex Mex:

Burritos, chicken - 580 cals, 14g fat, Enchilada, chicken - 600 cals, 10g fat, Enchiladas, beef - 158 cals, 7.8g fat.

Thai Cuisine:

Fish with lemon sauce - 400 cals, 13g fat, Fried Vegetables with pork - 460 cal, 10g fat, Pork Fried with ginger - 310 cals, 4g fat, Pork with Bamboo Shoots - 370 cals, 5g fat. Fragrant Rice - 380 cals – 3g fat, Chilli Fried Noodles - 450 cals, 6g fat.

Kentucky Fried Chicken: KFC

Corn on the Cob - 69 cals, 1.7g fat, Crispy Fries - 294 cals, 14.8g fat, Crispy Strips, per item -113 cals, 6.4g fat, Crispy Strips Meal - 633 cals, 21.2g fat.

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